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Monthly Archives: August 2021

    7 Golden Rules for Decluttering Your Kitchen

    By Kyle Rex | August 26, 2021

    Who doesn’t love coming home to a clutter-free kitchen, but how many of us actually have one? I’d bet only a few! If you happen to be one of the lucky folks who have absolutely no issues with keeping this area clean, good for you! However, if you struggle with the mess on a daily... Read More

    Modify or Move? Make the Right Choice with These Tips

    By Kyle Rex | August 25, 2021

    There comes a point in every homeowner’s life where they start to look around their home and desire something more. Whether it is improving the layout, buying updated appliances, or wanting more space, there is always something to consider. The decision will ultimately come down to renovating your current house or moving to a new... Read More

    Healthy Air, Healthy Kids: Indoor Air Quality Tips for Parents

    By Donna Cottrell | August 13, 2021

    The common wisdom held by many parents is that the air their children breathe indoors is filtered and conditioned, which makes it healthier. The outdoors are full of pollutants, allergens, smog, and more things that are inherently harmful. While there is some rational basis in those beliefs, the hard truth is that your home air... Read More

    Premier Sotheby’s Blog featuring Michelle Thomas Team Homes

    By Michelle Thomas | August 3, 2021

    Read More