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7 Reasons to Spend Your Retirement in Florida

Buildings in Florida

If you are looking for the best place to spend your golden years, Florida is a state you should consider. For decades, the Sunshine State, with its mild weather, friendly people, and plenty of housing opportunities, has attracted seniors from all over the country. There are numerous reasons why you should spend your retirement in Florida. However, we will give you just seven of them, and they will be enough to convince you. 

No taxes for seniors

The number one reason why seniors move to Florida is the tax benefits. This means that Florida has a set of tax rules that are friendly for retirees. So, if you decide to spend your retirement in Florida, you will have: 

  • no estate or inheritance tax
  • no state taxes on social security
  • no state income tax

Also, property taxes are more affordable than in any other state. So, if you buy a Florida home, you can do so without spending your entire savings. 

Affordable living

Buildings in florida
Spending your retirement years in Florida has numerous advantages, and affordable living is only one of them

Another critical factor in favor of Florida’s retirement lifestyle is the cost of living. You won’t have to spend an enormous amount of money on taxes if you make Florida your new home, but you will also pay less for everything else. The cost of living is around the national average, and you will pay less for necessities, such as groceries, utilities, housing, transportation, and healthcare. So, if you find your dream house in Florida, the best years are yet to come. 

Outstanding white-sand beaches

Florida is a state with the world-famous white-sand beaches you can find nowhere else in the world. From the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Ocean, you can enjoy the soft white sand, sun, and breeze. Therefore, if you want to spend your golden years sunbathing, Tampa has been ranked as one of the best places to retire and might be the perfect place to call home. The Gulf of Mexico is a few miles away from Tampa, and the Hillsborough River runs through the downtown. All this water and sunshine make Tampa a perfect place for swimming, boating, and other water activities. 

Florida offers an active lifestyle

Man and woman enjoy surfing
Once you decide to spend your retirement in Florida, you will be able to enjoy an active lifestyle while swimming, surfing, or exploring unique nature

When people think about retirement, the first thing that crosses their minds is lying around, reading newspapers, and simply being couch potatoes. However, Florida will offer you so much more. Apart from spending days on the beach, the Sunshine State will also provide active outdoor opportunities. You can enroll in the first-class golf school and later enjoy a championship golf experience. You can also try your hand at pickleball, ping pong, or paddleboard. If you like exploring nature, visit Everglades National Park on an airboat ride or dive with manatees at Crystal River. In Florida, seniors are encouraged to take advantage of beaches, nature, and warm weather. Hiking, swimming, and being part of an active lifestyle will help retirees age well

Plenty of senior communities

Since Florida is home to an abundance of seniors, there are many active senior communities. These senior living communities are a great way to lighten the burden of household chores, but also, these are the places where you can meet people of your age and build friendships. Finding a strong sense of community and making friends is extremely important when you retire. Thus Florida is the perfect place to spend your retirement. 

Many international airports

If you love to travel, Florida is a place to retire. Florida has 13 international airports, so it will be effortless for you to travel wherever you want or for your family to visit you. Apart from international airports, there are also many smaller, regional ones, making traveling easy and accessible. Spending your retirement in Florida will give you global access and keep you connected to the world. Also, moving experts from advise you to spend your retirement in a place that is well connected to the other parts of the state, so that your family and friends can visit you frequently. 

Art, culture, and Disney World

A person holding a ticket
Florida will give you the opportunity to take your grandchildren to Disney World and make lifetime memories

With its mesmerizing beaches, stunning scenery, and tropical climate, Florida has drawn people from all over the world. That is why Florida is a melting pot of cultures. While in Florida, you will be able to enjoy the art museum, galleries, concerts, and restaurants and get a unique global experience. However, Florida is also a place that can make you feel like a child. While living in Florida, grab the opportunity to take your grandchildren to Orlando and visit Disney World. If you retire in Florida, you will spend your golden year in the happiest place on Earth. Isn’t this a good reason to start looking for a home in Florida

Florida is a mecca for seniors looking for rest, relaxation, warm weather, and amazing beaches. Apart from the reasons to spend your retirement in Florida we listed above, there are many more why people decide to move to the Sunshine State. If we have convinced you to spend your retirement in Florida, rest assured that you have made the right choice. Retirement living in Florida with all the amenities will coddle your body and spirit, while engaging in leisure activities will keep you healthy. 

Article provided by Tanya Douglas;

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