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7 Ways to Add More Storage Space to Your Home

Lack of space is like a never-ending battle with your household. It seems like no matter what you do, there will always be items all-around the house bothering you without you even noticing. But a home that feels too small is not only about the lack of space. Such an environment prevents you from feeling relaxed, being creative, and simply enjoying spending time at your home. Luckily, there’s a way to change that. You should know that every inch of your home counts, and you can use it to add more storage space to your home. And this is the guide to help you achieve a spacious and organized home.

Clutter-free home and a clutter-free mind

First things first – you simply need to get rid of everything eating your space without any reason. Even though you may hear about the importance of decluttering your kitchen, living room, and basically every other living space, this is often the most underrated task. Take a couple of days to go through your household in sections for the best possible results. Tackle all the areas that collect the most clutter – wardrobe, drawers, bowls with trinkets, cosmetics and cleaning supplies cabinets, etc. You wouldn’t believe how much space you can make after removing all the items that are unnecessary, broken, or expired.

two pairs of jeans hanging on a wall
Reconsider if you need all of those multiple items or those you haven’t used for a long time.

Add shelves 

Going vertical is probably one of the best ways to add more storage space to your dream home. Elevate your storage by adding shelves to the empty walls. The best thing about these is that shelves can be practical and decorative. They can store books, but also art pieces and photo frames. Hooks and other ways to hang items can also help you out. Use them to hang cups in your kitchen, more jackets in the entrance room, etc. Also, shelves and hooks don’t need to be used only in your home. Add some to the garage space for storing tools, cleaning supplies, etc. Get creative with the vertical space in your home!

Consider your walls as a potential storage space solution.

Take measurements carefully

As we have mentioned before, you should know that every inch of your home counts. You need to be more careful when buying baskets, boxes, racks, and other products that should improve the storage situation. These need to perfectly fit the drawer, closet, or shelve they go to. This way, you’ll maximize your space and waste no precious inches.

Get a storage space outside your home 

Many pieces are simply not necessary in your home all year long. Seasonal clothes, skiing equipment, hobby items, etc. – all of these items could be stored somewhere else until the next time you need them. For people living in big cities renting a storage unit in Florida (or their respective states) has proved to be an excellent solution for such items. You can easily create more suitable storage space in your home or rent the aforementioned units, which are always a safe option for everything you don’t use daily. Simple and more affordable than moving to a bigger house!

Hide your storage 

Nowadays, furniture stores give outstanding solutions for storage hidden in regular pieces of furniture. You can find coffee tables, desks, stools, armchairs, ottomans, etc., with hidden storage compartments. These multi-purpose pieces are perfect for small spaces and one of the most seamless ways to add more storage space to your home. You can use your coffee table to place cups, snacks, etc. Use the area under it to store books, blankets, and more. Cool, isn’t it?

Go under the stairs 

The space under the stairs is often the most underrated space in our homes. It seems useless, but it can be a convenient storage solution. Depending on your storage needs, you can go for different solutions for this space in your home:

  • Have custom-built cabinets or drawers that can be used for shoes, seasonal clothes, etc.
  • Make this space a reading nook – add some bookshelves, a comfortable armchair, and a lamp, and make yourself a space to enjoy. Also, this can be a perfect location for your mini home office.
  • Wine cellar – if you’re a wine lover, you can use the space under the stairs to build shelves designed for all those precious wine bottles you keep all around the house;
  • The stairs can also serve as storage – some designs make each stair a drawer, perfect for shoes or similar items.
  • Space for washer and dryer – if you don’t have a laundry room in your house, this may be the perfect alternative.

Think about your needs and see what would be the best fit for the free space you have under the stairs.

living room in a house
The space under the stairs can be very valuable, be sure to use it wisely to add more storage space to your home

Check under the bed 

Beds take away a lot of space, but they are at the same time a way to create more storage space in your home. The space under the bed can be filled with specially designed boxes that can even have small wheels to make them easier to pull outUse this space for items you don’t need often. These could be seasonal clothes or shoes, extra bedding sets, pillows, etc. This can be a valuable space improvement, so be sure to check under the beds in your home right away!

Living comfortably in your home is about adjustment, organization, and regular maintenance. Our needs change over time, so constant revisions of space are necessary to make your home spacious enough. We presented some of the best ways to add more storage space to your home, but you need to adapt these methods according to the needs of your home and its residents.

Article provided by Tanya Douglas;

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