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How to Prepare and Relocate for a Job Smoothly

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A job relocation involves many little details. And if you don’t keep up with them, the moving process can get really stressful. Whether you’re moving a few cities over or across the country, staying organized will help you keep your sanity (and your job). 

You’ve got a good thing going, which is why you’re picking up your life and moving it to another place. However, you must prepare to make the most of your new opportunity. The Michelle Thomas Team has listed some essential tips to help you do just that!

Budget For Everything   

Even if you don’t normally budget, you will want to create a budget for your relocation. Moving expenses will quickly add up, and you need to stay on top of them so you don’t rack up a significant credit card bill. 

If you plan on asking your employer for a relocation package, having a realistic number to give them will improve your chances of getting the costs covered. Beyond that, you will need a budget even if you will be paying for everything yourself.

As you create your budget, make a list of all the possible costs that could accrue during your move, including:

  • Packing supplies
  • Professional moving services
  • Startup cable and internet fees
  • Fuel
  • Temporary accommodations
  • Meals during travel

Also, account for the early stages of life in your new city. By saving up a little extra money to cover groceries and household items, you can help yourself adjust with less stress.

Negotiate for a Relocation Package 

Most larger companies and many smaller ones will offer to pay for a new recruit’s moving expenses. But if your employer does not offer it, you can still get it by asking for it. Don’t worry about sounding demanding or greedy; all you have to do is ask and be respectful of whatever they say.

Of course, if your new job feels tentative and you don’t want to ruffle any feathers, don’t do anything that will make you uncomfortable. You can always ask friends or family members to help you with the move and save on moving services and other costs. 

Figure Out Housing      

You are going to need somewhere to live in your new city, which means that it is best to start the search sooner rather than later. Take time to look into the local housing market. For example, the average home in Naples, FL currently costs $399,000

With your budget in hand, research the cost of living in your new area, determine whether or not your salary accounts for the differences between your new area and old area, and look for a home that meets your family’s needs and fits within your budget. Work with an experienced agency like the Michelle Thomas Team to find the perfect home!

If you are not quite ready for a long-term commitment, consider renting an apartment. Use websites to search for Seattle, WA apartments and filter the results by layout, features, neighborhoods, and other characteristics. Some sites allow you to take virtual tours of various apartments, which can give you more of an in-depth look into your potential living environment.

Make Lots of Lists      

You may have an impressive memory, but now is not the time to count on that fact. There are simply too many moving parts when relocating for a new job, and you don’t want to miss anything. Therefore, you need to make lists

Make to-do lists for your current and your new home, and consider using spreadsheets if you want to go the extra mile. Be comprehensive and diligent as you list out all of your tasks, and be sure to check off each item after you complete it.

Get to Know Your New Location    

Once you have found a home and are ready to get the ball rolling on packing your belongings, start to learn as much as you can about your new city and neighborhood. If possible, visit the area in person. 

Take a drive through your new neighborhood to get the lay of the land and find the best driving route to your new workplace. See what neighborhood essentials are in close proximity to your home. And consider going on foot to meet your new neighbors. The important thing is that you know exactly how to get to work and to any other places your family will need to get to.


Relocating for a new job is exciting. But if you fail to prepare, it can become overwhelming and make it hard to transition smoothly into the next chapter of your life. Remember to create a budget for all potential expenses, and consider asking your employer to cover the costs. 

Also, diligently research the housing market to find the best living environment for your family, and make lists of all of your tasks. Finally, learn what you can about your new location prior to arrival so that you and your family can settle in quickly.

Are you looking to buy or sell a home in the Naples or Marco Island area? Visit today! 

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