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3 Steps to Revitalize Your Home for Comfort and Health

These days, many people have found refuge in their homes, tackling home improvement projects and keeping busy. But finding new ways to refresh and revitalize your home and your spirit can be a struggle. Check out these ideas for bringing fresh vibrance to your home, brought to you by The Michelle Thomas Team.

First: Nix the Negative Energy

Does being in your home give you a lift, or does it bring you down? If your answer is more of the latter, begin trimming back the negative energy that’s inhabiting your household. Eliminating bad energy takes a few steps — you need to cover physical and mental to-do items to achieve household peace.

Decluttering is an excellent start. You can get rid of physical and emotional baggage in one go. Getting rid of belongings can be emotional, but also therapeutic, especially if you donate unwanted items to charity.

After clearing some of the ‘stuff’ out of your home, it’s time to get organized. Ensuring that everything has its place can keep your nerves from fraying when everyone’s sharing an enclosed space all the time.

Addressing your household’s emotional vibes is also part of easing bad energy. Honest discussions with your kids about household rules, necessary precautions, and how each person can enjoy a bit of alone time can mean less anxiety and a more cohesive approach to your time at home together.

Next: Start Cleansing Habits

Actual cleansing is an excellent idea for bringing fresh energy to your home. Many cleaning products can eliminate the coronavirus and other dangerous organisms, notes Fatherly. But other types of cleansing can also be helpful for your household.

For example, refreshing your home with aromatherapy can help you feel renewed. Depending on how you’re feeling, you can choose various essential oils or even aroma jewelry to provide relief.

Studies suggest that lavender aromatherapy can reduce anxiety, even for people undergoing MRI procedures. In addition to its pleasing and festive scent, Medical News Today suggests that peppermint essential oil may have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Adding an oil diffuser to your family’s living area not only helps your home smell fresher, but it may also help your loved ones feel calmer and less stressed during your prolonged self-quarantine.

Even the colors and patterns in your home can make a difference in the atmosphere. For instance, MyMove explains that high-contrast color schemes bring vibrant energy to a space. Patterns can also energize a space, although you should avoid mixing too many. For instance, you might want to select a retro removable wallpaper, which you can find in prepasted and peel-and-stick versions, for an accent wall and pick up colors from the pattern to integrate with the room. If you aren’t sure about what pattern works best in your space, a sample pack allows you to test different looks. A well-chosen throw or a couple of accent pillows can add the finishing touch.

Then: Keep it Going

Making this refreshed and revived state your new normal may be the biggest challenge ahead. Once you overhaul the negative energy in your house and implement cleansing habits, the next obstacle is keeping your physical and mental space clear.

Keeping clutter to a minimum may mean frequent clean-up during the day or on dedicated household chore days. Delegating tasks to each family member can keep your home cleaner and more comfortable for everyone.

Addressing emotional and even mental space can be a dilemma for families, though. Particularly for families with children, finding a few minutes to be alone on bad weather days, for instance, (for parents or kids or both) can be tough.

Brainstorm potential solutions with your family to solve the problem together. For example, having your kids build an indoor tent to hang out in could be a simple fix. Or heading outside to build a real fort could be a worthwhile family project when the weather is agreeable.

Creating a loose schedule for media time can also help your family maintain healthy boundaries with technology, plus keep squabbles between siblings to a minimum.

Are you ready for an improved atmosphere? Achieving these three steps toward a healthier and refreshed home is easier than ever.

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