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Signs you’ve found your dream house

A happy couple that’s just moved in hugging in their living room

Purchasing a house is a huge decision that demands careful consideration and planning. A home of your dreams is where you can be yourself, where you can put down roots, raise a family, and grow old. However, if you feel torn and stuck in “choice paralysis” when house hunting, we’ll go over some of the telltale signs you’ve found your dream house, so you know you’re making the right choice. That said, don’t worry if you haven’t noticed any of the signs. It will take quite a lot of searching to find a place you can call your dream home. Therefore, don’t give up on your search! Visit other houses with your local real estate agent, and you’ll know you’ve found your dream home when you do.

Follow your gut and your brain

When making judgments, your intuition can be a handy tool. If you walk into a house and immediately get a gut feeling it’s meant to be your home, that’s a great first sign. Just hearing about the place or viewing images of it might give you this sensation. Of course, we don’t advise following the gut feeling blindly without conducting your due diligence. Listening to your gut instinct and following your intuition is great to some extent. Following your gut and your brain is critical! 

If your (and your family’s) eyes shine brighter upon entering a house, it is a clear sign you might’ve found your dream house.

The house has most of your requirements

Before house hunting, you’ve undoubtedly created a list of things you require from your dream home. Some of your criteria may include a large kitchen, a beautiful garden, or a spacious garage. However, you must understand that no house on the market will ever meet all of your expectations. Some people look for their dream home for a lifetime only to discover that it does not exist. The only way to get your dream home right off the bat is to build it from the ground up, which is a viable (but pricey) alternative. Therefore, if you find a house that meets the majority of your criteria and you can overlook the things it lacks, it’s likely you’ve found your dream home. Over time, you may work on your house and make it fulfill all of the expectations you had for it.

No other house can compare

When house hunting, you might’ve noticed you keep comparing all the other places to a house you’ve previously looked at. This is one of the most reliable signs you’ve found your dream house. If your heart has settled on a particular home, you will have difficulty negotiating with it. This is why you must consider why you gravitate towards a specific house. Of course, first-time homebuyers are prone to making offers too quickly or without prior planning. So before you make any bids, we recommend gathering all the info you can get. Also, consult your real estate agent to see if they think it’s a good idea and if there’s anything negative about the house you should be aware of.

A home buyer and a realtor shaking hands in front of a house that was just sold
It is time to start placing offers if your intuition and heart want you to get a house that meets most of your requirements.

The dream house is in a good location

According to most people, especially real estate agents, the location of your dream home is one of the most significant factors to consider when purchasing a house. We fully agree with them. It’s essential that you enjoy the potential future neighborhood you’ll be living in, taking into account factors such as your commute to work, traffic, and proximity to grocery stores, banks, schools, and public transportation. If you are unsure of the location, it is a good idea to spend a weekend exploring the nearby area and figuring out if it is right for you. Do not underestimate the effect the location can have on your satisfaction. Even if the dream home ticks all of your requirements, the area might make it feel less like a dream.

The dream house fits your current budget

There’s nothing worse than finding a dream house you wish to purchase and realizing it doesn’t fit your budget. However, a place that doesn’t cater to your financial situation shouldn’t be considered your dream home. You have a few options that may help with this predicament. One such option is to sell your previous home for the right price to increase your budget. Another option is to discover a dream house that is currently perfect for you and works within your existing budget. Of course, if your budget grows, you may opt to relocate and look for a new dream home. But, for the time being, think about your existing circumstances (financial and otherwise).

You’ll be able to grow with your dream house

If you can envision yourself achieving life milestones such as getting married and starting a family while still living there, you’ve discovered your dream home. You may need to renovate, change up the rooms, expand on it, but in the end, it can cater to any changes life throws your way. When looking to buy a house, one that will last you for a long time (at least five years) is always a great choice. 

An elderly couple in their living with the man in the front and a woman hugging him from behind
Your dream house is a place where you’ll make many beautiful memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

You feel happy and at peace in your dream house

One of the most crucial and clear signs you’ve found your dream house is if you feel happy in it. There are many emotional benefits of owning a new home. Happiness is the first one. If you feel at home in a house that’s not yours yet when you go house shopping, know that it is a fantastic feeling that doesn’t happen often. So pay close attention to it when it does occur. 

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