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Summertime Pest Control for Your Naples Home

Warmer weather brings out the bugs. Some of the most common pests in Florida include ants, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Mice also like to look for food and water sources wherever possible. That might include your Naples home. Perform these pest control tasks right now to keep pesky bugs and other natural nuisances out of your home during the summer.

Summertime Pest Control

Check Your Roof

Cover Your Air Vents

Homes need ventilation. But the places where ventilation leads outdoors also provide possible access points for pests to enter. Therefore, check the ventilation areas outside of your Naples home. Replace broken vents. Add a mesh cover to open ventilation shafts. Then, go back periodically to check these points. If a mesh cover appears to have been compromised, replace it.

In The Bedroom

While not necessarily a seasonal problem, bed bugs tend to be an issue in Florida. Wash bedding weekly in high temperatures. Throw pillows in there as well. Keep windows closed at night no matter how nice the weather seems. Also, check for damp spots on your bathroom walls. This could signify termites.

Kitchen Needs to Be Kept Clean

Cockroaches, mice, and ants all love the kitchen. Make sure you clean up spills right away. Clean off countertops regularly. Don’t keep dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Store away food in airtight containers. That includes the cookie jar. Pet food should also be kept in a sealed container.

Garage Upkeep

Pests also love garages. They tend to be pretty easy to infiltrate. Therefore, you need to be proactive with its care. Again, if you store your dog food in the garage, keep it in a sealed hard plastic or metal container. Regularly check the corners of your garage (near the ceiling) for bee and wash nests. Store items in sealed plastic containers and keep them off the floor. Clean up spills as soon as they happen.

Spray Often

Finally, another great way to keep pests at bay during the warmer summer months is to spray around the exterior of your Naples area home. Most home improvement stores and your local grocery store carry sprays that you can use on your property yourself. Or consider hiring a service that comes to spray inside and outside (if you desire) on a regular basis.


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